• HOW LONG DOES SHIPPING TAKE? - Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, extra precautions are taken to ensure a safe delivery, between 7-10 days.
  • DO YOU ACCEPT RETURNS? - Yes! in case of receiving a defected item, don't hesitate on contacting our support team in order to set up a return.
  • WHO DESIGNS YOUR PRODUCTS? - We work with a team of creative designers, that are always on the hunt for new trends.
  • WHAT MATERIAL ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MADE OF? - We only use top quality material, from pure cotton to polyester, ensuring durability with every thread, and a peel-proof high quality print.
  • WHEN DO YOU RELEASE NEW SETS? - We release a new set of both T-shirts and hoodies every single week with all the freshest designs!
  • DOES YOUR SHIRTS RUN TRUE TO SIZE? - Yes! all of our T-shirts and hoodies run comfortably and smoothly true to size.